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Dozens killed despite child welfare contact

The map below records the homicides of 68 children whose families came to the attention of Los Angeles County’s Department of Children and Family Services prior to their deaths. Some died of abuse or neglect, others were the victims of street violence.

The cases represent homicides of children who the Los Angeles Times has been able to connect to L.A. County’s child welfare system through coroner's records, county documents and other sources. Some date back to 2007, but the most complete data is for the first eight months of 2009, a time period for which The Times obtained a death log.

In all, the county has reported the deaths of hundreds of children who had passed through L.A. County’s child welfare system over those years. If you know of other homicides connected to DCFS cases please let us know at homicidereport@latimes.com.

Read more in The Times’ investigation: Innocents Betrayed

People included on this map
Erica Johnson, 2
Miaamor Steen, 5
Quesi Chavez, 10
Jacob Gaona, 1
Deandre Green, 2
Viola Vanclief, 2
Nathan Trujillo, 2
Felix Sandoval, 7
Melody Sustait, 1
Diana Gomez, 16
Edith Gomez, 11
Jasmine Granados, 1
Jose Jimenez, 16
Dae'von Bailey, 6
Lars Sanchez, 4
Jesus Hernandez, 10
Avery Cody Jr., 16
Benjamin Castro, 17
Edwin Cobbin, 17
Jerrill Dulaney, 17
Michael McCullough, 15
Draysean Earl, 13
Danny Romero, 17
Winston Ho-A-Lim
Yolanda Kennard, 16
Travion Johnson, 17
Angel Guerrero, 15
James Franklin, 17
Baby Girl Davis
Isaac Parra, 17
Alejandro Garcia, 16
Lazhanae Harris, 13
Edward Walker III, 17
Joe Lopez, 16
Ezra Davis, 15
Benjamin Lupoe, 2
Christian Lupoe, 2
Jassely Lupoe, 5
Brittney Lupoe, 8
Jaszmin Lupoe, 5
Sharome Frazier Jr., 4
Anira Nolasco
Lakeia Brown, 17
Paudelio Jara, 14
Trecion Adams-Grace, 1
Ruben Ramirez Jr., 1
Kayla Fernandez, 5
Ryan Coleman, 2
Christopher Pure Slade
Darien Lamour Thompson, 2
Isabel Garcia, 2
Elonna White, 1
Koby Amir Brown, 1
Evan Ascencio
Mikea Lim, 1
Ricardo Merino, 6
Jasmine Rose Maxwell
Alyssa Margie Gomez, 15
Angel Montiel, 2