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'Hurt, disbelief, anger, sadness and yes even hate'

Since Homicide Report relaunched in late January The Times' has approved nearly 11,000 comments from readers. Below are recent posts that highlight some of the range of emotion and thought shared on Homicide Report, underscoring the effect of violence on those left behind.

-- Sarah Ardalani

Yvette vasquez on William Vasquez, a 43-year-old Latino, who was fatally shot by a police officer July 2, 2007:

I miss you so much dad I still rember that day it's so hard I just don't understand why this happens sometimes I blame myself we love a miss u ur daughter Yvette vasquez rest in peace daddy 1963-2007

RIP on Carlos Martinez, an 18-year-old Latino, who was shot and killed during a fight Feb. 14:

I didnt know you personally but i hang in a crowd that were friends with you and i know your death has affected many.... to see no comments on ur pagina breaks my heart i know u were loved and ur missed by many.. just wanted to pay my repects and hope u are in a better place now...say hi to my loved ones for me... see u in dem cross roads. rest in paradise.....

Catherine Tucker on Marcus Davis, a 23-year-old black man, who died Oct. 31:

Many many thanks to everyone that has posted comments regarding Marcus. To my family and friends, i love you all!!!! I could not have imagined getting through this ordeal if it wasn't for you. I pray every day for our family and friends to start the recovery of such a loss. To Det. Ramirez and the entire Los angeles sherriffs department, thank you for your tireless effort to bring justice for the murder of my son Marcus. The words to describe how my family and i feel are, to numerous to name. But here are a few, broken ,lost, hurt, disbelief, anger,sadness and yes even hate. The fact that his little girl and his nephew will not have the pleasure of knowing him is heart breaking. When i told this beautiful little girl that she would never see her daddy again it nearly killed me. She still doesn't understand, but she is hurting and expressed her pain by saying she wish she had died to, so she could sleep with her daddy in his bed in heaven. Now how heartbreaking is that. I want to say to the ones who did this, YOU KILLED MY SON!!!!!!!!! and you need to turn your selves in. To the mothers, fathers,grandparents,sisters,brothers,cousins, and any one that know who these people are PLEASE PLEASE!!!! turn them in. These people knocked on a door and with out knowing or caring who he was shot and killed my son. You had no cause to take his life, This was WRONG! GOD forbid if it where your loved one, or possibly your child, you would want and deserve the same justice that we seek for OUR BELOVED MARCUS. Do the right thing!

Elsa Ramirez, his mother on Steven Ramirez, a 25-year-old Latino, who died during a gang-related shooting Nov. 7:

For those people that are judging my son, Steven, you are no better than the loser who killed him. You did not know him, he was a human being. He was my son and he has brothers and a sister. He did not live by the gun so he should not have died by the gun. So for the idiots that wrote nasty comments, you should not always believe what you read like they say, you should not judge. Take a good look at yourself before you criticize others. He was a good son and loving and no one deserves to die like this.

Sky on Ernesto Aguilar, an 18-year-old Latino, who was fatally shot Nov. 28:

ernie is my cousin, and i dont use past tense because death wont tear us apart. i remember my mom telling me through the phone and i was hoping she was referring to some other ernie, and when she said it was cousin, i felt like my world collapsed, like my heart shattered into millions of pieces, i cried and cried and i couldnt take it. i couldnt believe that some heartless idiot would do this to my cousin. ernie would never do such a thing to someone and thats what hurts the most. it hurts that he had a painful death. i want him back, but its not gonna happen. all we can do is wait till the day that god asks for us to come home too so we can see him again. i love you ernie and your in my heart, mind, laughter, and soul as long as im breathing. r.i.p my frijolito and keep looking over our family because we will always be thinking about your humor, nicknames, and smile. love you!! p.s. you looked so peaceful at the funeral, and this lets me know that your in a better place. you dont deserve to live in this cold world, you deserve a place where nothing but happiness and love exists. i miss you and i love you...

Never Forget on Delbert Moore, a 20-year-old black man, who was shot and killed Dec. 1:

It's sad when any young person is taken from this world, but when a person as great as Delbert is taken it leaves a gap greater than anything imaginable. There will NEVER be another human being as great as him. He never wanted to hurt anybody so I don't know why anybody wanted to hurt him.

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